Frese, Job

Job Heinrich Frese (Abcoude 1914 - Abcoude. Frese lived and worked in Abcoude. He was educated at the Rijksacademie voor Beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. Jobst Heinrich Frese is regarded as a 'master copier', without, however, making literal copies of other people's work. He produced work under various pseudonyms. Some of his pseudonyms are van Dunghen and Jan Kelderman. A booklet about the latter pseudonym was published by IR. Hans Aalberts. In this publication, the partnership between Kelderman and Frese is described. In plain language, Hans Aalberts recounts how a painting super-seller (Jan Kelderman) and an exceptionally talented copyist (Jobst Heinrich Frese) achieved record sales of paintings and how this caused a ripple in the (inter-) national art market for paintings.
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