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Poppe Damave 1921-1988 Dutch painter. Etching, unknow edition. There are some rust spots in the border, but not in the print. He was born in Groningen, his parents moved to Haarlem when he was four, where he lived the rest of his life. He was a pupil of Henri Frédéric Boot and A.J. Grootens. He was a skilled etcher and graphic artist. During the Second World War, he used his skills to forge papers for Jewish people. He was a member of the Amsterdam artist societies Arti et Amicitiae, Hollandse Aquarellisten Kring, Nederlandse Kring van Tekenaars, and Federatie van Verenigingen van Beroeps Beeldende Kunstenaars, and the Haarlem-based Kunst zij ons doel until 1948, when he joined the Teisterbant club of Godfried Bomans. In 1951 he helped start up De Groep and was its chairman for over 15 years
More Information
Artist Damave, Poppe
Origin Nederland
Medium Handmade paper
Technique Etching
Height 14,50 cm
Width 13,00 cm
Auction status In auction on Invaluable
Lotnumber 2303

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