Untitled, handpainted and hand singed. Private item. Neko Chohlis world renown abstract artist began his career as the sole designer and artist for the legendary rock group The Monkees in the 1960s. The album cover “The Monkees Present” was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1968. Chohlis is one of the premier abstract artists in the world, often compared with abstract expressionist movement pioneer Jackson Pollock. His paintings have appeared in galleries around the world. Neko used unconventional media to showcase his vivid feelings and creativity. His work has evolved over the years into several unique styles in brilliant colors as well as works in black and white. Neko’s work will enhance your personal living space as an excellent conversation starter or bring dynamic color and presence to office or workplace
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Untitled, handpainted and signed.
More Information
Artist Chohlis, Neko
Origin Verenigde Staten
Medium Heavy grain cold press illustration paper
Technique Painting
Edition Unique
Circa 2019
Height 50,00 cm
Width 70,00 cm
Auction status In auction on Invaluable
Lotnumber 730

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