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Rio Delle Amazzoni

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Piero Fassoni (1941-1987), a painter with many faces, was born in Egypt but from Italian origin. He grew up among the international community of Cairo, where he studied architecture at the Leonardo da Vinci School of Fine Arts. After his return to Italy he took up apprenticeships with several masters of the tempera on wood- and fresco techniques. These Techniques would play a dominating role in his work for the rest of his life. Fassoni lived successively in France, Geneve and England. He studied at the Goldsmith School of Art in London and worked with experimental film. In 1976 he settled permanently in Amsterdam where he established a reputation as a multifaceted magical modernist painter inspired by the Italian Renaissance.
  • Artist

    Fassoni, Piero
  • Technique

    Oil Painting
  • Medium

  • Dimensions

    60x50 cm
  • Edition

  • Circa


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