Dijk, Peter is an artist.
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1948 born in Groningen / The Netherlands 1967 - 1972 Academy of Arts Minerva in Groningen As an art student I attended Academy Minerva in Groningen from 1968-1973. I developed myself as a painter of mainly abstract works. Structures became my theme and during more the past five years especially the structure of the plan of the city /mapping. Realizing that purely formal painting was not so satisfying in a world where everything was slowly turning upside down, I began to look for the structures of ancient cities, such as Aleppo or other cities that were more or less changing over the centuries, or through contemporary interference. I used the structure of these cities to redeem them from their heavy history. By using these structures in my paintings, the city plans are freed from their original meaning to make room for new structures without a past. Art disciplines I am comfortable with include painting, drawing, site-specific installation, and artist books. 2018 Workshop Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy- Drents Museum Assen 2017 FusionARTS Kingston London (UK) / Considerate Constructions. may 2017 FusionARTS Kingston London (UK) / Eden Walk Boogy. okt 2016 Valparaiso Fundacion Mojacar (Spain) / Mojacar mapping. June 2013 Lagos (Portugal) / Lagos mapping. April 2012 Pietrasanta (Italy) / Lucca mapping. October-November Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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Artist Dijk, Peter
Origin Nederland
Medium NewsPaper
Technique Painting
Height 77
Width 57