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Hand-Signed. Ping Frederiks was born in October 1967, in the Netherlands. She studied at the Fotovakschool Apeldoorn. After her education she went to the south of Spain to live in the city of Seville for 4 years. When she returned to the Netherlands, she opened a studio in the city of Hengelo, where she lived and worked as a freelance artist. In 2008 she won the honorary prize in the category painting during the international art symposium "Atelier an der Donau" held in Pöchlarn, Austria. Six months later she moved to Austria, where she was artistic director of the organizational team of "Atelier an der Donau" for 9 years together with Atanas Kolev and worked as a freelance visual artist. In 2016 Ping was nominated for the "Painting in Small Forms" award, in Pleven, Bulgaria. Besides being a painter, Ping also designed and produced various art projects, such as covering the facade of a building in Pöchlarn, Austria, making an interactive 3 by 3 meter metal sphere, on the quay of the Danube, many murals both private and corporate, many mosaic works on walls and facades. The illustration of books and bundles. She has been a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 2011. Ping has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe. She has participated in several international art symposia. Her work can be seen in various galleries in Austria, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.
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Artist Frederiks, Ping
Origin Nederland
Medium Canvas
Technique Acrylic painting
Height 100,00 cm
Width 80,00 cm
Auction status In auction on Invaluable
Lotnumber 1969

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